Mylapore Kapali temple hosts monthly concerts

Madras and music have always been known together. Now, it is music season all through the year in the city of Chennai. A week-long music festival and a dance festival are now held at Sri Kapaleeswarar temple in Mylapore, Chennai in every Tamil month.

After the Panguni Brahmotsavam and the Vidayatri this year in April, the temple is hosting the cultural festivals from the Tamil New Year. The festival is known by the names of the Tamil months like Chithirai Isai Vizha, Vaikasi Isai Vizha ...

The Aaadi Isai Vizha begins on Aadi Pandigai on July 17, 2014 and will be held till July 23, 2014.

Young musicians S.P. Ramh, Amrutha Venkataesh, Amritha Murali, Sumitra Vasudev and senior musicians O.S. Arun and T.V. Ramprasad perform at this festival. Dancer Anitha Guha's students are presenting a thematic performance on Pada Kavitha Pithamaha Annamacharya.

The schedule of the concerts are listed under the respective dates in the calendar.